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Helping those with Hearing Loss – Becoming an Advocate

Having a hearing loss can affect quality of life and cause changes in behavior and mood but it’s often the people around someone who is experiencing hearing loss that are left feeling confused and frustrated. Why do they seem to be ignoring you? Why do they no longer want to participate or venture out of their immediate environment?

We offer some suggested gathered from some of the industry’s best resources.

  1. Talk about hearing loss as a family – discussions about hearing loss and hearing aids that happen in a safe environment can go a long ways towards normalizing the issue.
  2. Make sure you look for signs that someone might be experiencing hearing loss and be ready to intervene.
    • Is a loved one becoming more reclusive – avoiding social situations more?
    • Do you notice that the television has to be up very loud for them to hear?
    • Do you find yourself having to repeat yourself when talking with them on the phone?

    Sooner is better when it comes to hearing.

  3. Educate yourself on the new technology that has improved the usability and comfort of hearing aids. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the wonderful advancements in hearing aid technology.
  4. Remember hearing loss can be caused by things other than aging – a hearing test is a prudent and pro-active evaluation that will put your mind at ease.
  5. Being an advocate means more than just ensuring your loved one gets their hearing tested – you must begin to be more aware of the environment and surroundings when enjoying time together. Choose locations that are hearing friendly.

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Other Resources & Helpful Hearing Links

Living with hearing loss brings many challenges. Here are helpful links to many hearing resources.

Better Hearing Institute

Houston Deaf Network

Educational Resource Center on Deafness

Hearing Loss Association of America

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